Thursday, June 4, 2015

Current WIP's

I have a few WIP's that I didn't frog over the winter. These are the ones that I felt like continuing to work on, for some reason or another.

WIP #1
 Granny squares in Aran, Buff, and Cornmeal. I'm still trying to decide if I want to add another color (not really) and how to sew them together. I really like these colors put together but I can't seem to find any of the Buff and Cornmeal yarn in the stores around here. So...I'm in limbo on this at the moment. All of these squares were made with yarn from my yarn stash. Now I'm out of these colors and have to buy some more.

WIP #2 
 These are the Knit A Block A Week blocks that I started in January of 2014. I had so much work in them that I hated to frog this project. So I picked up the knitting needles again and finished the blocks last week.
 After putting them out and a lot of rearranging, this is the final layout for the blanket when I started seaming the blocks together. I'm glad I took a photo of this as I referred to it often.
 This is a quick photo of the finished blanket. I absolutely love it! So does Small T. She has requested a knitted chevron blanket in white, gray and light blue for college. *sigh* I've never made one of these, so it should be interesting.

WIP #3
 Turqua granny squares with white centers. I used the yarn from my stash, thinking that I had a lot more of the Turqua. But no...I can't find any. So this project is in limbo until I buy some more yarn. Shouldn't be too long though.
 A gratuitous up-close photo of one of the squares.

WIP #4
 The Pink Camo knitted diagonal baby blanket. I finished this last week, but haven't taken a photo of the completed baby blanket

WIP #5.
The Cherry Red and Heather Grey chenille throw. This is in the beginning stages and I started it with yarn out of my stash. I think I have some more of it downstairs, but I haven't been down to search for it yet.

More WIP's without photos:

The first one is a white knitted baby blanket that I'm following a more complicated pattern on. I've never tried anything other than a basic or easy knitting pattern, so I'm hoping for the best with this.

The next one is a Seabreeze color baby cardigan that is crocheted. I'm actually to the part where I can sew in the ends and add the button.

Then I have a soft yellow baby dress that is crocheted. I'm only about 1/3 of the way done on this one.

These are ALL of my current WIP's.


  1. I love the way your knitted block blanket turned out. You have a good eye for which colours go together.

    1. thank you! i chose all of these colors out of my yarn stash. in the end, i had to buy one more skein of the "bone" color in order to complete it.

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  6. I like the combination of colors of blanket #2. They are in perfect harmony.

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